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Making Friends is Easy at Summer Camp

Making Friends is Easy at Summer CampOne of the highlights kids don’t easily forget during summer camp are the new friends. Assuredly kids will enjoy all the swimming sessions, fun sailing, interesting arts and crafts, magical camp fires, and cabin activities, but it’s not all about the activities alone.

Kids Make New Friends at Camp

During all the fun, kids make new friends and create bonds. This is why summer camps are almost a must for kids today. Is it really that easy to make friends at camp?

Counselors Are the Nicest People in the World

Probably the first person the kids will get familiar with is the cabin counselor. He/she is always older than the kids and is the one in charge of the cabin where the kids are assigned.

Most of the time the counselor guides the kids on activities, rules, responsibilities, and more.

The counselors are understanding and patient and the person kids will most look up, to so it is natural for kids to get along with them.

Summer Camps Brings Smiles on Kids’ Faces

Because most summer camps are designed to be fun-filled, kids that attend are happy, at least most of the time. We know that when kids are happy, they smile! Smiles on faces of these little kids are friend magnets. Without much effort, kids will make friends along the way.

Irresistible Camp Activities

Many parents with shy and inactive kids get the surprise of their lives after seeing their child come home from summer camp. Activities at summer camp are cleverly designed and planned to tickle the interest of any child.

Kids may be shy at first, but the nature of the activities around camp will turn them into fun-loving creatures. Withdrawn kids often become very active and naturally makes friends.

Lessons Learned at Summer Camp are Priceless

Getting involved in summer camp and its activities gives kids important lessons in life. For, one thing, they learn to be team players. A child learns to become obedient and kind. Kids learn a sense of responsibility. Best of all, kids at summer camp learn to care, and in the process, again make friends and create bonds that last for years.

Lasting Friendships

Kids make friends all the time. They make friends at school. They make friends with neighbors. However, summer camp friends are special. The friends kids make at summer camp are the product of fun, long chats, hard work, team play, challenges, and more.

There are many elements found only in a summer camp that make each child a good friend. That is why every friend a child makes at summer camp will always be a treasured one forever.

Planning to Become a Camp Counselor?

camp counselorIf you are planning to become a camp counselor, there are several steps that you must take first. One of the best ways to learn about this fun career is by going to camp while you are young. This will help you understand what makes the experience so much fun.

Step 1: Camp Counselor Knows How to Swim

Anyone who wants to work as a counselor at summer camp should know how to swim using several types of swimming strokes. You can learn how to swim at a summer camp. Then continue to train in emergency rescue techniques throughout the year at a local community swimming pool. Earning your certification as a lifeguard, can be helpful in getting a job offer to work as a counselor at your favorite camp.

Step 2: Understand Horseback Riding

Many summer camps offer horseback riding to campers. When you understand how to ride a horse expertly, perhaps you can work at a “dude ranch”. Learning to ride horses correctly and safely can sometimes take years. Attending a horseback riding camp each summer when you are young is one way. You’ll also need to learn more about caring for horses so plan to look for training schools after you return home.

Step 3: Enjoy Making Crafts

When you’re at camp and it rains, you might spend your day making a variety of cool crafts kids can bring home. As a counselor, knowing how to make an assortment of easy projects is a must. And being able to teach youngsters how to be creative and enthusiastic whether making picture frames or building a birdhouse is important. Creativity and enthusiasm are traits that will be beneficial for years to come.

Step 4: Take Acting Classes

If you enjoy performing on a stage, then take acting classes while you are home. In the summer, make sure to attend a performing arts camp where you can act in plays or help with stage props and costumes. In addition, make sure to join a local theatrical group to learn more about acting.

Step 5: Remain Physically Fit

As a camp counselor, your activities will include running, swimming, hiking, rowing a boat and the list goes on. So, remaining physically fit is a definite requirement. Learning more about baseball, soccer, tennis or football is also important. Be sure you sign up for team sports at school or within your community. Additional sports campers enjoy are volleyball, golfing and archery.

Step 6: Become a Well-rounded Camper

If you want to work as a camp counselor, you are expected to multitask by helping with numerous activities. Become a well-rounded camper by learning a variety of skills that are in demand as you begin to apply for jobs working at summer camps.

What to Do When You’re Missing Summer Camp

missing summer campAfter attending an exciting camp for several weeks, you may feel sad when you return home. Missing summer camp is a common feeling for most campers who enjoyed having days and evenings that were filled with a multitude of activities. One of the reasons that you might feel depressed when you return home is because you miss your new friends.

Missing Summer Camp? Keep in Contact with Other Campers

Fortunately, it’s easy to stay in contact with other people by sending them text messages, emails or using social media sites. In addition, if you live close enough to some of your fellow campers, then you can visit each other or have a get-together at a nearby location such as a shopping mall.

Get Involved in Numerous Activities When You Return Home

An additional reason for missing summer camp is the counselors. They kept you busy with daily activities such as crafts, hiking or horseback riding.

You never needed to plan anything. The counselors were responsible for arranging your schedule. And they made sure that you had very little downtime. After arriving back home, you might return to your lazy ways of watching television all day or surfing on the internet all evening.

If you want to remain active, then you need to turn off the computer and television so that you can get out of the house. Look for ways to stay as busy back at home as you were in camp. Then you won’t feel as depressed about missing your new friends.

Create a Scrapbook with Your Camping Photographs

If you took pictures while you were at camp, print out some of them. Create a scrapbook or collage or journal to look at every day. Having good memories about summer camp from photographs helps you to realize that more memories can be created throughout the school year.

And you will also get to return to camp next year. Remember that if you miss swimming or cookouts, it is possible to enjoy these activities at home. Look for an indoor community swimming pool. Join a swim team. Plan outdoor barbecues in the autumn with your friends from school.

Have a Backyard Camp at Home

Missing summer camp? Recreate the experience at home before the weather gets too cold. Place a tent in your own backyard.

Invite your school friends over for a weekend campout. Recruit your parents to help you barbecue hamburgers, hot dogs and s’mores. Your friends might have enough fun at your backyard camp that they will want to join you next summer at a real camp.

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Mistakes to Avoid at Your Kid’s Birthday Party

birthday partyYour kid’s birthday party is always an event to be remembered. It is important to carefully plan each detail so that everything is perfect. While you naturally want your party to be exciting, it is also essential to keep in mind the age and energy levels of your group.

Sometimes things can quickly go awry if you haven’t made the proper preparations. Make sure to avoid these three common party planning mistakes so that your kid’s celebration will be a big success.

Birthday Party Mistakes to Avoid

Never Try to Do Food and Activities Together

Kids are a lot of fun, but they can be messy. While you might set out a buffet table full of food for adults to enjoy while they mingle, this concept simply results in disaster with kids. Instead, plan your party activities in blocks of time so that you can clean up your activities before you serve the cake.

Failure at Planning in Advance

The coolest birthday party venues fill up fast. This means you could be stuck having to choose between disappointing your kid or choosing a less than desirable weekend. Make sure to check out the calendars for popular venues such as summer camps well in advance. This way, you can relax knowing that one of the biggest items on your to-do list is checked off weeks ahead of schedule.

Don’t Try to Do It All

For some reason, planning a birthday party makes parents think they are superheroes who can singlehandedly entertain a dozen or more kids while serving cake with a smile. Keep in mind that your child will appreciate your presence more if you are not stressed out from trying to do too much.

Arrange to have help for your party. For example, summer camps offer trained party hosts. They also provide a venue that comes with various entertainment options. Thus, you are free to focus on photographing those special moments.

Birthdays only come around once a year, and those earliest ones truly are special. Make your kid feel like a superstar by planning an event that all their friends will remember. By planning ahead of time and delegating your responsibilities, you can enjoy the next celebration while helping your kid usher in another great year.

Off-the-Wall Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

birthday party ideasComing up with fresh birthday party ideas gets harder every year since you always want this year’s celebration to be better than the last. Kids also get tired of the same old birthday party venues, and keeping them entertained at your house gets to be quite a challenge. When you really want your kid to feel special, try these off-the-wall ideas that no one else will be doing for their party this year.

Birthday Party Ideas

Go Rock Climbing

Rock climbing walls are the perfect solution when you have “hit a wall” trying to come up with birthday party ideas. Not only will the kids burn off a lot of energy as they attempt to climb higher than their friends, but they will also be talking for weeks about how much fun it was to conquer this challenge. When planning a rock climbing party, just make sure to choose a venue such as a summer camp that emphasizes safety and supervision by staff members who are trained in teaching kids how to climb so that you can enjoy being a stress-free host.

Take Them Boating

Forget roller-skating and bowling. By this time, most kids have already grown bored with these typical birthday activities. While taking kids out on the water might make you nervous, activities such as bumper boats are awesome birthday party ideas when you host your celebration in a day camp environment. Simply make sure to let the parents know when they call to RSVP to send their kids in clothing and footwear that are okay to get wet. Then, watch as the kids have a blast trying to see who can get the most bumps as they splash away.

Stir Up Some Drama

While active games are always a hit for birthday parties, it can be a little more challenging if your kid and their friends are more reserved. For quieter types, putting on a play is a great way to kick off your kid’s next year. Just find a stage and gather some costumes. Then, let your kid pick a favorite play to reenact with their friends or encourage them to improv. With this idea, a video camera is mandatory because you will never want to forget how amazing it is when a group of creative kids get to put on their own play.

This year, get out of the birthday rut by planning some new activities that go beyond the same old skating rink party the kids have all done before. Whether your birthday boy or girl leaves land or hits the stage, they will be excited to invite their friends to share in celebrating their special day.


How To Prepare First-Timers For Overnight Summer Camp Adventure

Overnight summer campIt’s amazing as well as a little frightening; your child is taking that large action, the initial summer season at sleepaway camp. Whether your child is coming with friends or siblings to camp or starting out fearlessly on his own, here are a few overnight summer camp preparation tips to make the process less complicated to you and your child.

Have a Trial-Run Slumber party

If your youngster had actually restricted encounter with staying away from house overnight, have him spend the night with a relative or good friend he hasn’t stuck with before, as well as do not go and get him in the center of the evening! A brand-new pajama party experience will be a little like the first night at camp as well as will certainly aid you attend to any sort of issues that may arise. If your family members is from the city, an over night outdoor camping trip can get him utilized to unknown points in the exterior atmosphere like wildlife, bugs and nighttime sounds in the woods.

Visit Open House

If possible, go to an open residence at your child’s camp while the camp is in session. Your youngster will get a better idea of exactly what to expect and can become somewhat knowledgeable about the homes, what the ambience is like and exactly what would certainly be happening on a regular day.


Your kid’s camp will likely send along a listing of requirements and optional things, so bring your young person along on a great camp shopping spree. The majority of camps encourage older tee shirts, sweatshirts as well as shorts that could stand up to lots of outdoor adventures, it’s fun to get one or 2 new things or splurge on one “in” piece of apparel or device.

Describe Regarding Sharing Area

Many children these days have never ever had to share a bed room, so staying in close quarters with 8 various other campers can be a little bit frustrating. As a matter of fact, among the obstacles of summertime camp therapist jobs is instructing youngsters to cohabit in a relatively little room. Offer some guidelines on maintaining organized and not infringing on cabin-mates’ area. Attempt throwing a slumber party for your kid prior to camp starts or letting him go to much more over night get-togethers compared to common to provide even more direct exposure to group living.

Examine the Basics

Camp is terrific for showing youngsters the best ways to deal with themselves. Go over the importance of dividing out clothing that need to be laundered, hanging up wet clothing, swimwear and towels and maintaining toiletries segregated in a pail for carrying to the washroom.

Let Your Youngster Know It’s ALRIGHT to Be Homesick

Let your newbie individual understand that’s it’s completely healthy to be a little homesick, yet don’t inform them you’ll come as well as get them if this takes place. The substantial bulk of youngsters overcome a first bout of nostalgia fairly swiftly, as well as motivating them to call and get back is setting them up for failing. Instead, tell them to speak with their summertime camp therapists, that are well-versed in handling this usual first-time individual grievance. Remaining active and energetic as well as seeking out brand-new buddies will rapidly push ideas of residence right into the background.

Discuss Communications

Depending on the camp your young person is attending, telephone call might be forbidden or only permitted at certain times of day. Letter writing is a great means to stay in touch, so send your camper off with a supply of stationery as well as stamped, self-addressed envelopes. You can also create a letter in advance and also slide it right into your child’s suitcase or mail it in time to obtain there as camp starts, just as a little transitional thing to advise him that though you’ll miss him, you’re thrilled for all the enjoyable and brand-new encounters he’ll have at sleepaway summer season camp.

A Happy Camper’s Checklist

summer camp checklistAre you intending to send your kids to summer camp? Sending out youngsters out on a camping travel isn’t very easy not simply for the children however also for father and mothers. This is particularly real if this is the very first time that the children are away from home. If you’re seeking to let your youngsters bent on an exterior camp for the summertime, you’re going to need summer camp checklist.

You have to know what things you have to pack in addition to how you can reduce their concern or stress and anxiety, if there’s any type of. Initially, you require to assure them that this trip will certainly be fun and enjoyable. They will be satisfying brand-new pals there and also do a bunch of enjoyable stuff.

To start, just examine their schedule of tasks and events. Discuss the things they are uncertain concerning. You as well as your kids additionally might want to try out a few of the highlighted activities. As an example, if they hesitate to swim, you could build their confidence by bringing them to a swimming class that provides a crash course where they can learn the fundamentals. There’s visiting be campfire sing-a-longs also; you might want to educate them a number of outdoor camping tracks so they’ll be ready.

The majority of summertime camping site normally provide beds linens or meals. However to ensure, it is very well to ask the camp administrators beforehand. For a routine week-long encampment, the majority of youngsters will require these adhering to items in their backpack:

  • Emergency contact information
  • Resting bag and also pillows (if they are not provided by the camp).
  • Soap, hair shampoo, and also various other toiletry products.
  • Towel, swim gear, and also raincoat.
  • Sunblock as well as insect security spray.
  • Flashlight.
  • Medicines as well as accompanying directions.
  • Extra set of garments like Tee shirts, shorts, trousers, underwears, and so on
  • Sweatshirt and also jammies.
  • Water bottle.
  • Sunglasses and also sun hat.
  • Book or computer game.

For an included pleasure and also shock, slip in a handwritten note with an amusing household picture, telling them to enjoy while they are out on their enjoyable experience. You might also load some sweets in their gear, which they could show their new good friends at the camp.

Do not forget to send them off with a giant squeeze with great deals of exhilaration as well as hope. Your interest will rub off, making them much more anxious to head to sleepaway summer camp.

Safety and security Checklist for Preschooler-Campers

For father and mothers of young children navigating this summertime journey, we comprehend your worry for their security. If you are among these father and mothers, to be quell your concerns, here’s a basic list also simply to be specific that your children are well looked after while they’re out of the home.

Is there a play area in the camp? Do the children have access to the pool or lake? Is there a medical workers at the camp? Are they CPR-certified? Do they have adequate first-aid training? Is grown-up supervision appropriate at the camp?

As they say, seeing is believing. If you have the moment, make a see to their camp website. For your comfort, you can ask the camp manager to permit you in and examine the centers. You could inquire exactly what preventive action they need to ensure the kids’s security.