How to Boost Your Child’s Confidence

developing confidenceA confident child is a healthy and happy child, and one of the most important things you can do as a parent is to help them develop this critical personality trait. While most children are born with some degree of confidence, it is important to nurture their developing sense of self-esteem. As your child grows, use these tips to help them developing confidence that allows them to tackle any challenge that comes their way.


Give Genuine Praise

Children have an innate ability to tell when someone is lying, and false praise is worse than no praise at all. Be alert for things that your child does well, and offer a compliment when it is warranted. However, it is important to avoid offering generic flattery. Instead, focus on praising your child for specific actions such as working hard on a test or showing up to practice on time.


Encourage Community Involvement

Helping others is a great way to build confidence. Find opportunities in your community that allow them to build social skills as they provide services to others. For example, your child could assist with a school fundraiser, or they could visit an elderly neighbor. By getting involved, your child will develop a strong sense of purpose that impacts their self-esteem.


Send Them to Summer Camp

It might be tempting to step in every time you see your child struggling, but independence is essential for building confidence. One way to give your child the space they need to take safe risks is to send them to summer camp. Once there, your child will be surrounded by supportive adults who will encourage them to attempt challenges such as learning to water ski or go rock climbing. These types of experiences will teach your child that they can overcome any obstacle.


Raising a happy, confident child is a goal for which every parent strives, and it is possible to nurture a strong sense of self by using several different strategies. By surrounding your child with support that involves specific praise along with chances to live their lives with greater independence, your child will sail into adulthood with the confidence they need to enjoy success.