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Important Social Benefits of Outdoor Play

outdoor play benefitsIn this day and age where everything from shopping for clothes, buying groceries and even socializing has moved online, it is not a surprise that playtime for kids has also gone virtual. Playgrounds are not as crowded because kids have their tablets to tap on. While being well-versed with technology is one thing, it is also equally important to appreciate outdoor play benefits which helps kids absorb a lot of social mannerisms that would be difficult to learn in online game rooms. Kids who just cannot get away from their beloved gadgets can be introduced to the world of outdoor games by the way of summer camps. Here are just some of the ways a summer at camp can help your child develop a better personality.

Knowing the Meaning of Society

When children go to a summer camp, they are assigned outdoor tasks which are usually done as part of a team. In such a scenario, where the kids have no gadgets to turn to for help, they must learn to rely on their fellow teammates. This will help them understand how dependent you are upon others to accomplish even the smallest of tasks. This inter-dependency will create a mini-version of society which will help them understand how important people are to each other. Gadgets tend to make people think it is easy to live without person-to-person contact and this can turn them into socially awkward individuals. Outdoor team activities will help the child discover that feeling of belonging to a bigger group. This is a very important experience to counter the feeling of loneliness that so many of the youth suffers from today.

Decision Making Abilities

At summer camp, outdoor activities test your decision-making skills. While kids may only need to make choices in order to win a small game, it will help instill a confidence in them that they are able to make decisions.

As they make decisions for a team, they will see the outcome of it right there and then. This will help them overcome the fear of making a choice.

Confidence Building

At a camp, a child is put in a new environment amongst new people. During a trek or a campfire game, they have no option but to open up to these strangers and work with them. This kind of a completely new environment gives them confidence that they can overcome any challenges.

Also, this will introduce the child to a whole new world outside of their home and school. This will also make them realize that the world is a much bigger place. They will get a new perspective towards life and will be more confident in their approach.

Stretching Limits

Whether a summer camp is about skiing, trekking, swimming, or any other type of outdoor activity will teach a camper endurance. Such exercises encourage kids to stretch his or her limits. It helps them understand that they are capable of doing much more than they give themselves credit for. This is a big lesson on appreciating self-worth and every child should be given a chance to learn it.

The great outdoors has a lot of lessons to be learned but only if you are committed to being a good student, and summer camps are a great way to get a kid get interested in them. They will not only make them healthier but will also sculpt them into a much improved and wholesome version of themselves.