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Is Swimming Important for Kids to Learn?

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The short and simple answer is ‘Yes’. Swimming can actually save your life or help you save someone else’s during an emergency. So, there is no doubt that swimming is an important skill. However, if you need more convincing, here is the long answer to help you understand the importance of kids learning to swim.


Among all unintended-injury deaths in kids under 14, drowning comes in second place. That is a scary statistic for any parent. You cannot stop your kid from playing in the water which is everywhere from lakes, community swimming pools, and the backyard pool at home. It is fun to play in water and no matter how many restrictions you impose, kids are going to find a way. So, instead of having to be on guard 24/7, teach your kid how to swim. During summer months, you can enroll them at summer camps offering swimming classes in a lake or a heated pool. They don’t have to learn swimming on a professional level but, should that happen, then you just found another reason for them to practice the skill and sport.

Great Exercise

Swimming offers a full-body workout. If your kid is not outdoorsy, then swimming may be the perfect way to help them get the necessary exercise. It will help them work their shoulders, arms, lungs, legs, and the core muscles. All the different strokes will require them to use different sets of muscles. Even if your child is a little heavy set, they will find it quite easy to swim because water will not let them feel their entire weight.

Swimming is a fun routine. It will not only help your child burn calories but it also will help them adopt healthy habits pretty early in life. This is an incredible life lesson that your child will never forget.

Loving Nature

Once you teach your child how to swim, they will be able to experience nature up close and personal. They can swim with you in the lakes, go to the beach with family, or enjoy swimming with other kids at summer camp. This will bring them closer to nature and help them become a more responsible citizen in the future.

The Fun Part

Every parent wants their children to get the best of all things life has to offer, right? Isn’t it amazing when they are able to enjoy the pleasure of swimming in the ocean, playing in waterfalls, floating down the river on an inner tube and more? From waterparks to pools to beaches…all these places become accessible and safe for kids when they know how to swim. Your kids will also get to participate in a lot more activities such as diving, surfing and jet skiing. It always helps them develop a well-rounded personality when they get to socialize with so many people enjoying different watersports.

Swimming is a life-training camp in itself. It helps children understand their body, prepare themselves for challenging situations, improve their health, appreciate their surroundings and make new friends. Giving your son or daughter the opportunity of learning to swim may be the best gift you ever give them.